Dr. Craig Mix has been freeing people from pain since 1999 at Discover Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Trussville.  As a chiropractor, he is committed to promoting health and well-being of his patients.

Originally from Canada, Dr. Craig grew up watching how medicne can both help and harm people.  His father, a pharmacist, educated Dr. Craig about the many benefits when medicine is used properly but also the horrors that come from it's poor use.  In deciding to become a chiropractor, Dr. Craig knew a "whole person approach" when taking care of people would be best for not only pain relief but all over well-being.

Dr. Craig's approach to health care includes chiropractic as well as feeding the body vitamins and minerals needed for tissue repair and growth.  The "trick" to good chiropractic care, Dr. Craig says, "Is to find out the right technique for some one that is comfortable and effective."

Attending the University of British Columbia, British Columbia, and Palmer Chiropractic College, Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Craig lives in Trussville with his wife and son. 

Welcome.  I’d like to take this opportunity to personally introduce my self.  I am Dr. Craig Mix, a trussville chiropractor.  We help many families in the the Birmingham area.    You will probably notice that our office greatly differs from other doctors’ offices.  That is not by accident, we work hard to make you feel comfortable.  We also make a point to get to know you and your family.  A healthy and happy family is an important piece of the puzzle towards building a healthier and happier individual, like you.     

As a health care consumer, you can spend your hard-earned dollars anywhere.  For that reason we do everything possible to earn your trust and respect.  We also work diligently to value your time.  At our office we try our best to make sure you are seen within fifteen minutes, and in most cases, less than ten.  We offer appointments that are convenient to your busy lifestyle and understand that you are not living to get adjusted; you’re getting adjusted to go on living. 

I was born in Edmonton, Canada.  I earned my Bachelor of Science from UBC in Vancouver, BC, and my Doctor of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. After that, I became a certified physiotherapist and acupuncturist.  From my years of education and experience I believe human health begins from the moment of conception.  For this reason I am also certified in gentle techniques specific for pregnant mothers and their most cherished possession – their babies.  I also focus on enhancing athletic performance.  I help athletes of all skills and ages including the most elite level of athletics - Olympic and professional athletes.  As a matter of fact, I was an official chiropractor of the 2001 World Olympic Games, and the Minnesota Twins Professional Baseball farm team. 

I have committed my entire life to being the best doctor possible.  My credentials are sound.  And behind every successful person is a caring and supporting family.  My lovely wife’s name is Renay, and together we introduced a perfect and happy baby boy into the world.  His name is Isaiah.  I am a proud husband, father, and doctor of chiropractic.     

It is important, I feel, that you and I work together in a partnership with your good health and my reputation as the byproduct of our relationship.  And eventhough our office is always upbeat and cheerful, we take your health seriously.  I feel it is important to always keep a positive attitude and smile, even in the face of adversity.  Please do not hesitate to discuss any concerns that you may have with your care at any time.  If you are happy with us, please refer your family and friends for a checkup.  If you are unhappy with us, please tell us so we can make you happy.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and to be part of the most vital possession you own - your health.

Welcome to the best kept secret in healthcare,

Dr. Craig Mix

P.S.  Schedule a time for you and your family.  I’d love to meet you.  My purpose is to simply help.  Let’s talk honestly about your health.